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How-to: Request an ANZ Bank (NZ) card feed

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If you're a kiwi, having Expensify without your ANZ Visa connected is like going to the beach without a chilly bin full of cold ones. Yeah it's still awesome, but not as awesome as it could be!

Importing your ANZ Visa into Expensify will allow your card transactions to flow into your Expensify account. These transactions will then merge automatically with any SmartScanned receipts in your Expensify reports. If you set Expensify up right, you and your team will barely have to lift a finger.

So how do you get ANZ to send your credit card data through to Expensify...?

ANZ Internet Banking

Log into your ANZ Internet Banking portal and fill in the data authority form.

  1. Log into your online banking
  2. Go to 'Your Settings' and click 'Connect accounts to 3rd party'
  3. Select 'Expensify'
  4. Fill in the form and submit

ANZ Direct Online

Once logged in to ANZ Direct Online you can complete the authority form by creating a batch and submitting the secure mail template form ‘Expensify Accounts Disclosure Authority’. Detailed ANZ Direct Online instructions can be accessed here.

Having issues?

If you can't get either of these things to work, give your ANZ Banking Relationship Manager a bell!

Don't have Internet Banking? Check out this FAQ for how to get yourself setup.

Next steps

Once you’ve filled out and submitted your Internet Banking data authority form or ANZ Direct Online authority form, ANZ will set up the feed and sent all the details directly to Expensify. Once received, we’ll add the card feed to your account and drop you a line. We'll also include some webinar training resources!

The process can take a few days, but once ANZ sends us your feed info, it's pretty quick, so feel free to email if you have any concerns!

Also, don't forget: as a new ANZ New Zealand Business customer you'll receive 50% discount on your Expensify billing for the first 12 months, followed by a 15% discount after the initial 12 months!

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