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  Within QBO, I have a construction client with independent contractors working as project managers. As part of the company's reporting, they like to track how much was spent in a category during each phase. This means I have created the subaccount "Supplies" multiple times - Fabrication/Supplies & Installation/Supplies - Fabrication & Installation have other repetitive subaccounts as well. I want to encourage the use of Expensify cards/mobile apps for each project manager.

Categorize Expenses Setting

  Choice between Standard & Advanced Custom

  • Standard being the automation that exists now
  • Advanced Custom being
    • the ability to check/uncheck accounts/subaccounts (pulled from QBO connection) that a project manager (User) could choose from on each transaction (instead of automatic as in the Standard) - a project manager would never need access to assign anything to the account, "Office Supplies"
    • the ability to check/uncheck the project/s a specific project manager (User) can assign expenses to


        Accounts Example: 

        (Utility = Account, Telephone = subaccountlevel1, Electricity = subaccountlevel1, Power Company = subaccountlevel2, Solar = subaccountlevel2)

           ☐ Utility

             ☐ Telephone

             ☐ Electricity

               ☐ Power Company

               ☐ Solar

It's important the Admin be able to check Telephone, Power Company, and Solar without making Utility or Electricity a choice for the User.

To the User, the choices in the dropdown should read Utility/Telephone, Utility/Electricity/Power Company, and Utility/Electricity/Solar (pulled from the QBO Chart of Accounts).

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  • Rachael HopkinsRachael Hopkins Expensify Success Coach - Admin Posts: 772 Expensify Team

    Hi @informARTive Welcome to the Expensify Community! Thanks for this well thought out suggestion!

    So if I am reading this right, you want to be able to disable categories and tags on a per-user basis?

    I do see a couple of gaps here and I wonder if you have considered:

    1. In Expensify, where do you envisage this would be maintained? On the user or on the category/ tag?
    2. How often would this need to change across the users - do you imagine your client would have an Admin who updates the available tags each time a job enters a different phase?
    3. Do you imagine that the Job itself is somehow tied in also?

    Can you elaborate a little on what problem exists right now, that you are trying to solve with this solution?

    Also, don't forget to vote on your own Idea!

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