How do I export *all* expenses for a date range...

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I'm not worried for the moment about receipts, nor how the expenses got into expensify, (manual upload vs automated by card), nor whether the expenses have or have not been reported, nor the status of any such reports, etc.

I'm also entirely unconcerned about duplicates for the moment.

I just want one really big excel spreadsheet corresponding to the full universe of all my expense data for several years as a starting point for a big forensic analysis.

This seems like it should be such a common/trivial question that I expected to find an easy RTFM-type answer. So apologizing in advance because I haven't found one despite searching this community/knowledgebase for over an hour now.

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  • Stevie LaFortune
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    Hi @lpl99 - Spreadsheets or CSV files are useful for moving your data out of Expensify, whether for your accounting package or to further review and organize data. I've attached a Community post here that will guide you to export expenses.

    How-to: Export reports to a CSV template

  • lpl99
    lpl99 Expensify Customer Posts: 2

    Thanks, Stevie, but that post doesn't address my question.

    I'm not trying to export a report, and most of the data I'm trying to get out is still in "unreported."

    Before I asked my question online I investigated what seemed like it ought to be an acceptable, if tedious, workaround: adding ALL unreported expenses (there are thousands) to the same report in one step, then exporting each report one-by-one. But I couldn't find a "select every unreported expense" option.

    So if that's something you, or anyone, knows how to do, it would also let me get across the finish line, albeit more slowly.

    thanks again,