What are Control Users?

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We are a small nonprofit society with limited funds, but want to make sure that our volunteers are reimbursed as quickly and easily as possible, that is why we selected Expensify.

Last month second "Control User" was added to my account. This is an additional $18/month. This is much higher than the $9 advertised. Why do I need 2 control users and what are they? I understood it would be $9 per user. so $27 a month on average.

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  • Stevie LaFortune
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    Hi @HaydnM, welcome to the Community.

    The additional Control users are those additional active users who falls fall outside of your Annual Subscription allowance.

    When you choose an Annual Subscription, you select the number of active users you'd like to commit to on a monthly basis. Each month, any of your policy members can fill the active users in your subscription. If you have more users than are allocated in your annual subscription, they will be charged at the Pay-per-use rate. 

    I see you currently have your annual subscription set to 2 but actually had 4 active users.

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