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Kungfu Expensify Customer Posts: 3

Hi! I'm new here so bear with me plz. I submitted a grocery receipt for reimbursement. I'm not sure if I did everything right. Can you help please?

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  • Katie Oswalt
    Katie Oswalt Expensify Success Coach - Admin Posts: 170 Expensify Team
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    Hi there! I see that you have a receipt but it has not been submitted. Also, you are not a part of the Hunger policy as is required in order to submit a receipt for reimbursement. You will find the exact steps here in order to be elibible:

    Please note, however, that due to an extremely high interest in this program and number of submitters, we are not currently accepting new applicants to the Hunger policy. You can make sure to check back on the page above for the latest updates on when we will start accepting new applicants to the policy!