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Hello, we are looking to integrate Expensify with our accounting system - NetSuite. Before we do that, i wanted to check with people who have already gone through this integration about what controls they put in place before they integrated the two systems. Currently, a lot of our users, select incorrect departments, categories etc when entering information in Expensify, which i reclass/or correct before recording a manual journal entry. if we integrate the two system, what is the most efficient way to make sure everything is being processed correctly?

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    Hey @Rjain1 I can help! We use NetSuite and Expensify together too. I found a really good guide for connecting it in in this community, I think it was under their classroom help docs category.

    What I liked about the connection was that it imported expense categories from NetSuite and it let me name them exactly what would be easiest for my employees and disable any I didn't want them to use.

    With helping employees code better I found I had to be a bit strict with my employees. First I set the expense categories in netsuite to make them as easy to use as possible, the other that we decided to import were customers and locations which we made required in Expensify.

    Making our tags and categories required in Expensify put violations on expenses when employees didn't code expenses at all. For locations in particular we set them to use the Employee's Default from NetSuite so it was always set for them automatically when the report was exported.

    Once everything was setup, if employees submitted reports coded wrong, I just rejected them back to the employee and told them to fix it. Through perseverence they got better and my life got a little easier.

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    👋@accountantJaneyJ Thanks for sharing your experience! @Rjain1 Here are the instructions to setting up NetSuite with token based authentication 👇️

    How-to: Connect your policy to NetSuite - Token Based Authentication

    When setting up a new connection we suggest having the current billing owner create a test policy so that you can try connecting NetSuite and maybe create a test report or two to see how things export. I see that you're looking for some insight from other users on how they have their account set up, but if you have any technical questions, feel free to let the Success team know by sending a message to Concierge (in-app or email [email protected]).

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    Hi @Rjain1 - that's somewhere in your NetSuite profile!

    1. Go to Setup > Company > Company Information.
    2. Your account number will be listed under the Account ID field.

    I recommend you make a copy of your current policies and connect to sandbox, otherwise it might be hard to tell what was exported to production and what to sandbox! You'd hate to accidentally wreak havoc on your balance sheet!

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    Hi @Rjain1 yes indeed - as long as you are an admin, you will find a Duplicate option on the policy!