How can I scan more than one page from mobile app?

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Can Expensify add a feature to allow the user to scan more than one page of a receipt or invoice from the phone app? It is very inconvenient to have to scan the full receipt in a separate program and then transfer it to Expensify.

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  • Jason Li
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    Hi @DanH1234 - welcome to the Community! Just to clarify - does your receipt have multiple pages, or are you trying to SmartScan multiple receipts?

    If you're looking to SmartScan multiple receipts from the app, simply click on the green camera icon, then click on the white camera icon on the bottom right - you'll activate the Rapid Fire mode. This will allow you to take multiple photos of multiple receipts.

    If you have a multiple page receipt, that's a bit trickier - in that case, I'd encourage you to only photograph the page which contains the merchant, date and full amount.

    If the receipt has been emailed to you, or is a digital copy on your computer, simply forward it to, and we'll SmartScan and add it automatically to your account.