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Last month my reports were auto submitted for the first time in years and it was a pain fixing it. I have no clue how I turned this on and need to turn off the auto submit ASAP. Contrary to what some may expect the OCR scan is not very powerful. Every month I spend a great deal of time fixing things before I'm ready to submit. Too much time is fixing duplicates I use the ios app but don't see the merge button as much as I use to. . Naturaly, as intended we upload (or photograph using the app) our expenses/receipts immediately. Apparently if you do that before the bank update the feeds it creates a duplicate. This seems like and easy software fix. Does anyone knoa what I am doing wrong here too?



  • Victoria O'leary
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    Hi @dpblevins

    Welcome to the Community!

    It sounds like there are a couple of things going on here, so let's first take a look at the automatically submitted reports!

    This is likely to have happened because you have Scheduled Submit enabled. Scheduled Submit has two main functions: 

    • Automatically adds new expenses to the most recently edited Open report or adds expenses to a new report if no Open report exists. 
    • Automatically submits reports based on selected timing within the policy settings (unless you set it to Manually, then reports will need to be manually submitted).

    Scheduled Submit can be configured via the website as an individual setting or defined by an Admin as a group settings. If you would like to change the frequency or disable it, you can do this: 

    • Personal Scheduled Submit is found under Settings > Policies > Individual > [Personal Policy Name] > Reports > Scheduled Submit 
    • Company Scheduled Submit is found under Settings > Policies > Group > [Company Policy Name] > Reports > Scheduled Submit 

    Now, as for the duplicate expenses you are seeing, I would love to look into this further as it sounds like something isn't working quite how it's meant to - we definitely don't want our users to be spending a heap of time fixing up their expenses each month.

    Next time you see these duplicate expenses come up, can you please get in touch with us at If you can include details of the duplicates we will work with you to find out what's going on (and hopefully start saving you a bit of time)!


  • High
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    This is becoming a major problem for us as well, exactly as described above. Any advice?

  • Jeremy Boniface
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    @High If you're having issues with auto-submission, the steps regarding Scheduled Submit above are still accurate. If you are having trouble with receipt/expense merging, check out this guide. You can also reach out to if you want us to take a closer look.