Guidance Needed on Expensify Reports for UK Staff

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My company has a single domain on Expensify, with 2 policies. One policy is for US staff (in USD denomination). The other policy is for UK staff (in GBP denomination). Staff in both countries have Expensify Cards.

I have been trying to sort out the set up issues for the UK staff.

At the moment, their cash expense reports (reimbursable expenses) are exporting to Quickbooks Online correctly, and in GBP (however, I still need to go into QBO to add a USD exchange rate manually).

But I noticed that when their expense report contain Expensify Card transactions (which are not reimbursable expenses), those transactions are excluded from the exported report in QBO, and only the reimbursable expenses are exported. (Their expensify cards continue to be reconciled daily with our US bank account.)

Given the limitations of Expensify and/ or Quickbooks Online, should I:

1) Have the UK staff submit separate reports for cash and Expensify card expenses, while keeping the UK staff in the GBP policy only?

2) Or should I place the UK staff in both USD and UK policies, and have them submit reports separately? That is, use the USD policy for Expensify Card and use the GBP policy for reimbursable expenses?

Or is there another solution?

Thanks in advance!