How do I import Tags (Classes) into Quickbooks Online?

CSaunders Expensify Customer Posts: 1

I'm trying to manually create and export a report from Expensify to QB to work around the currency issue, as we are a Canadian company with both CAD & USD credit cards.

On Friday the Concierge suggested I reach out to QB to see if something needed to be "turned on" in QB to allow classes to import. QB tells me that importing classes from Expensify can't be done at this time. Is there a work around?


  • Mark Louis
    Mark Louis Expensify Team Posts: 167 Expensify Team

    Hi @CSaunders, thanks for reaching out!

    I believe QB might have misunderstood your question regarding Classes. I was able the find the threads that you have with Concierge, and I think it would be easiest to continue working through this setup there so that we have the full context to refer to. I believe there are some clarifications and additional configuration settings we can work with to try to get this set up to use the existing integration to export transactions over to QB as opposed to trying to use a CSV.

    Looking forward to discussing that further with you in Concierge. Thanks!