Switch integration from QuickBooks Online to Netsuite

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Does anybody have tips regarding the best way to switch the Expensify integration from QBO to Netsuite?



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  • Victoria O'leary
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    Hi @Alderik

    Welcome to the Community!

    This is a fantastic question and, when it comes to changing your accounting integration, we do have a few hot tips for you:

    • (Optional) If time permits and you want to test out the new accounting integration functionality, you can create a test policy and connect the new accounting connection there. Then, you can invite any fellow admins who would like to partake in testing. Keep in mind that we won't invite employees to this policy, as its purpose would be purely for testing. 
    • Define a cutoff date, whereby your team will approve/export as many reports as possible to the current accounting package. 
    • When the cutoff date arrives, navigate to the respective policy to disconnect your old accounting connection. 
    • Then, connect the new accounting software to the same policy, and configure the respective integration settings as desired.
    • Pro tip: If you've created and configured a test policy (step 1), you can choose the option to re-use settings from the test policy rather than creating a new connection. For any existing reports that need to be exported to your new accounting package, you can re-code those expenses that appear to be out of policy, such that the reports reflect the coding options pulled in from your new accounting software. 
    • Send internal communication to employees on the policy, so that they are aware of the updated coding details that they may see in the product. Note that they may need to sync their mobile app to see the changes reflected there.

    Let me know if you have any additional questions once you've completed these steps.



  • Alderik
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    Hi @Victoria O'leary

    Thank you for your insights, these tips will be very helpful.

    We're currently in the planning phase so I'm happy to see there is a way to test this beforehand.

    Regarding the second bullet "Define a cutoff date, whereby your team will approve/export as many reports as possible to the current accounting package ":

    What happens with reports that were no approved on time?

    Is the export you speak of used later to import it with the new policy?

    Thank you,