FAQ: What is Global Rescue?

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With every Concierge Travel booking, we’re including Global Rescue services! This incredible perk will provide peace of mind if you need to travel during this time.

If you haven’t heard of Global Rescue and the amazing things they can help with, don’t fret! We’ve prepared a list of the most commonly asked questions.

What is Global Rescue?

Global Rescue provides medical, security, intelligence, and crisis response services to corporations, governments and individuals. Global Rescue identifies, monitors, and responds to potential threats. Global Rescue members have 24/7/365 access to medical teams of paramedics, nurses and physicians who are supported by the Johns Hopkins Emergency Medicine Division of Special Operations, Partners Healthcare (the Harvard Medical School Affiliate), and Elite Medical Group.

What is covered under Global Rescue?

  • Medical and security advisory: Access to 24/7 telephone hotline for health, security, and advisory services, as well as receiving medical and advisory services from Global Rescue’s team of paramedics and physicians.
  • Medical transport services: Upon request, Global Rescue will provide and/or arrange transport from the traveler’s location to a location or hospital of your choosing.
  • Field rescue services: In the event the traveler has a condition that warrants hospitalization and the traveler is unable to obtain medical services at their location or at a reasonably nearby location, Global Rescue will provide and oversee field rescue services for the traveler. 
  • Intelligent reporting: Destination reports, world events, and real-time alerting, covering the legal obligation for duty of care every company has for traveling employees.
  • Security evacuation services: Global Rescue will provide, arrange, and pay all necessary and ordinary expenses for rescue, air and/or surface transport to the traveler’s home country in the event the traveler is experiencing a qualifying security event and requests transport. 
  • Medical locator services: Provide a traveler with names, addresses and telephone numbers for local hospitals, clinics, medical practitioners and/or physicians. 
  • Transport of medical records, documents, and studies: Arrange for the dispatch of medical records from the traveler’s location to appropriate locations within the United States.
  • Legal locator services: Provide a traveler with names, addresses and telephone numbers for local lawyers and/or other legal professionals. 
  • Transport of medication and medical supplies: Arrange for the transport of medication and other medical supplies to a traveler.
  • Mortal remains transport: Global Rescue will arrange and pay for reasonable expenses related to transporting a traveler’s mortal remains to the country in which the traveler’s passport was issued. 

How long will I receive Global Rescue services?

Global Rescue services are available to you for the duration of your round trip booked with Concierge Travel.

Does my Global Rescue membership cover travel within the United States, as well as international travel outside of the United States?

Yes! Your Global Rescue membership covers you across the globe.

What if I have specific questions about the destination I am traveling to?

Concierge will let you know of any COVID-related restrictions for your destination before finalizing your booking. For international travel, please check the destination report that Concierge sent you or refer to the email you received from Global Rescue.

If you're looking for more in-depth information about your destination, like real-time events, you can log into your Global Rescue Intelligence Delivery System SM (GRID) account using the credentials provided in your welcome enrollment email.

Should I take out additional travel insurance?

We understand there are some people who choose to travel with the security of travel insurance. Global Rescue is not designed to replace that, and Expensify strongly encourages all travelers to consider if they need additional insurance. For information on what Global Rescue covers, please check out their website.

How do I get Global Rescue for my colleague who did not book with Concierge Travel?

In order to get access to complimentary Global Rescue services, your colleague must book with Concierge Travel (they’ll also need to have their own Expensify Card). Simply ask your colleague to open up the chat bubble within the Expensify mobile app, or email [email protected], and we’ll take care of the rest!

How can I contact Global Rescue?

The best way to get a hold of Global Rescue is to call them at +1.617.459.4200 or email the team at [email protected].

For more details about Global Rescue’s benefits and services, visit www.globalrescue.com.