Allowing the export of Bank Account holder's name

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Currently, when personal bank accounts are added to Expensify for Indirect Reimbursement, there is no way to export the legal name of the bank account holder. This is entered into Expensify when the account is added, but after a long discussion with support, there's no way of accessing this data.

With the new Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) regulations in the UK and across the EU, it is now a requirement to add the legal account holder's name when making a transfer, and a transfer will fail if this is incorrect. These checks are compulsory from the 30th June 2020, so transfers from an exported file will begin to fail.

We are unable to mandate that an employee uses their legal name on their Expensify account, since that is linked to a SAML provider, which pulls from G Suite. Many people use a different name in their day to day lives than their legal name. For example, someone called David might use Dave on a day to day basis, but a bank transfer to Dave would fail if their legal name is David.

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