Help getting the vendor to export into QB Desktop

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I have set up my export to quickbooks desktop and everything is moving over as it should, except for the vendor name. I have gone in and made sure they match in Expensify to exactly how it is set up in Quickbooks. When the export comes in, it is coming in as a vendor bill, as it should, but the vendor is my policyholder name. I can go in and change each one, but I'm sure there is a way to change it so that I don't need to. I just can't find what I need to tweak to make that work. Other than that, everything works great!



  • Lauren Schurr
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    Thanks for reaching out, @andrewleeschultz_12!

    When you export reimbursable expenses as Vendor Bills to QuickBooks Desktop, the vendor will always be the submitter of the report. To export non-reimbursable expenses as Vendor Bills, you'd need to enable the Default vendor option and select the vendor upon each export. Alternatively, you can export non-reimbursables as Credit Cards to match the vendor automatically. For more on all of your export options, take a look at this help doc.