David Barrett, if Black Lives Matter why haven't you hired a single black person?



  • Rachael Hopkins
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    Hi @Tak Welcome to the Expensify Community!

    Expensify has a number of black team members across the support and engineering teams, however we also have been working hard for the last year or so on our Diversity strategy to ensure the Expensify team is as diverse as possible.

    We're working with a diversity consultant to help enhance our recruiting strategy to actively build relationships with Historically Black Colleges and Universities while participating and partnering with conferences such as AfroTech, Grace Hopper, and Women Impact Tech. We have extended our job posting platforms to be more inclusive of diverse organizations like the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers and Women Who Code. 

    Feel free to come back to me if you have any further queries about this.

  • lagroup
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    Expensify openly endorsing extreme violence, hate, intolerance and murder of innocent lives.

    I have instructed my administrator to immediately replace this platform at any cost.




  • pjmahlerco
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    Your endorsement of BLM as a concept is fine (inappropriate in a business app though). But the organization BLM is a known Marxist organization that opportunistically ignores the historical data on police / African American violence and how significantly this has improved over the decades (see Jason Riley). If Black Lives truly matter, do something about gang violence in Chicago.

    As a business user, I find myself angry being preached at by an innovative, but obviously clueless and WOKE team. I too am looking at alternatives.

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    I recently hired a new operations manager and was showing them the apps we were looking at having our teams start to use full time. I have been using Expensify for 2 years and was getting ready to implement full time use with a team of 15 employees that travel a lot. I was shocked to see the landing page had a BLM message. I made the decision right then and there to not use Expensify. We are moving to a competitor with a name that starts with Z. The response I received from the "concierge" was laughable virtue signaling. I do not was ant politics involved with my business. It is a shame, I was not unhappy with the product. The political messaging is too much. I knw that we are not a big financial loss to you, but we are a loss.

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    FYI: I represent an organization with over 400 employees across 4 states. Your support for BLM convinced me to move to Expensify. There was no need for you to do it. You knew that many of your customers would complain. You did it anyway. Extraordinary.