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If there is one thing that prohibits us for using Expensify at scale, it is the lack of ability to create a custom expense report format that mirrors a more traditional view. Unfortunately people are slow to change and our employees are used to a traditional format. They are constantly rejecting a new format layout. Does Expensify offer any ability to change the format of the PDF expense report - perhaps available through a third party?


  • Matt Moore
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    Hi @troublemaker, and welcome to the Community!

    While I'm sorry to say that we don't offer the ability to create your own formatted PDFs with Expensify, I'd love to dig deeper into why your employees are finding the current PDF format prohibitive.

    Can you elaborate on what the problem is with the PDF format that causes it to be rejected? Is it a technical issue?


  • troublemaker
    troublemaker Expensify Customer Posts: 4
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    The Expensify base PDF report does not offer similar content as to the traditional form. Take a look at the report form I provided to see the differences. For example - daily location, project no., project name, general purpose. Your standard report also does not provide a columnar format which is easier to read for those auditing. The traditional format is widely accepted and I'm surprised you do not offer a similar format.

    BTW, I have added custom fields to the report to capture this information but how it appears in the PDF report looks awful.

    Without the ability to have a report that integrates with our accounting's current processes (see the audit details at the bottom of the report completed by the accountants), I will not be able to use Expensify across our companies.

  • Matt Moore
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    Thanks for the additional context!

    The Generate PDF option isn't designed to be integrated with an accounting solution, it's for employees to submit expense claims directly to their manager.

    Our best experience is reporting via our cloud accounting connections (NetSuite, QBO, Intacct, Xero) or by creating your own Custom CSV Export Format.

    If you have fields that need to be captured at line level, then take a look at our posts on Categories.

    It also sounds like you'd benefit from joining our Admin Training Webinar where we go into these elements in more detail.