Product Line in NetSuite

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Good afternoon,

Is it possible to add information to individual expenses or reports that include information for the Product Line column in NetSuite?

For example: there is a company card that is carried by multiple individuals and we would like to identify which individual made a specific purchase for reporting purposes and our reporting software uses whatever is in the Product Line in NetSuite to determine how a transaction is presented.

Additionally, only two employees are doing all the coding, so it's not as easy as just mapping each employees' card to their Expensify account since each employee is coding there own expenses as well as another individual's expenses which can show up on the same report. All we'd need to do is find a way for the employees doing the coding to be able to add the name of the individual making the purchase somewhere in Expensify so that it exports to the Product Line column in NetSuite.

Is this possible?

Thank you!