Reimburse your invoices and bills with Expensify+Venmo!

Isabela Stisser
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Send and request money from friends and family in Expensify and pay out directly via Venmo.

With the combined powers of Expensify and Venmo, you have the benefit of a digital paper trail of receipts for your transactions, and a seamless method for moving money!

Learn more here:

How-to: Reimburse your invoice and bills with Venmo!

Feel free to ask questions about our Venmo integration here, or reach out to Happy Expensifying! 


  • ReneeRundle
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    How to I request reimbursement from my company for an expense once I’m logged into the site/app?

  • Christina Dobryzynski
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    Happy to help, @ReneeRundle!

    Here's the big picture answer to your question:

    Once you submit your report in the web app or mobile app, your approver will get an email notification to review the report for reimbursement.

    When a report is submitted it is in a Processing state - you'll notice a little blue Processing label on the report. You'll also notice a yellow banner at the top of the page with a status summary.

    When a report is Reimbursed, you'll see a green Reimbursement label and the yellow banner with the details of when you can expect the reimbursement to deposit into your bank account.

    If you have any questions about your Processing or Reimbursed report, I recommend reaching out to your approver.

    Let me know if I can help with anything else!