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Ability to Turn off Expense Grouping on Reports and Sort Expenses by Date

TC0016 Expensify Customer Posts: 3

We need to ability to sort the expenses on reports by date rather than just grouping by Category or Tag.

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  • Lauren Schurr
    Lauren Schurr Expensify Team Posts: 119 Expensify Team

    Thanks for writing in, @TC0016! To make sure I understand, are you talking about sorting expenses within a given report or from the Expenses page?

    On the Expenses page, expenses are already sorted by date. Within reports, expenses are also sorted by date within your choice of Category and Tag.

    Could you give a specific example of what you're looking for?

  • TC0016
    TC0016 Expensify Customer Posts: 3

    I'm talking about sorting the expenses on a report by date without any grouping at all. We are required to make sure our Expensify reports match our credit card statements but since the reports group expenses by category it makes it difficult to compare against the statements.

  • Leslie Rodriguez
    Leslie Rodriguez Expensify Customer, Expensify Team Posts: 51 Expensify Team
    edited July 2020

    Ah I see. Reports are also sortable by reimbursable or non-reimbursable. This will allow you to see all non-reimbursable transactions and those should align with your credit card statement.

    However, your best bet for using Expensify for credit card reconciliation purposes is either the reconciliation dashboard in Domains or a CSV export of all relevant reports. The reconciliation dashboard is only available to domain admins while the CSV is available to all Expensify users with reports. Is this a potential solution?

  • TC0016
    TC0016 Expensify Customer Posts: 3

    As of right now when I click the Options "gear" icon on a Report, I have Layout options of "Breakdown by Group" and "Single Table", which I could swear was not there before. This, however, does exactly what I was looking for in the first place.

    Since you mention it, how does the CSV export work? That may be an even better way to handle reconciliation.

  • Leslie Rodriguez
    Leslie Rodriguez Expensify Customer, Expensify Team Posts: 51 Expensify Team

    I think the CSV would be best!

    On the website, head to Reports. Then click on the reset button on the filters. This will ensure you are filtering from scratch. Then, you will want all relevant reports for your reconciliation. This will vary by customer, but in general are things like start date of statement, end date of statement, cardholder (Expensify uses email addresses), and other information. I would also display all report states, including open and "not reported". Once filtered, go ahead and select all (this is a button; you do not have to select each report one by one). Once selected, head to the top right and export to a CSV. I like the "detailed view" CSV but feel free to play around with it. Once in a CSV, you can filter by date.

    Take a look at these instructions and let me know if I can clarify any step. Cheers!