Simple Receipt Tracking

KristyTutone Expensify Customer Posts: 1

Hi There,

We are a small not for profit in Australia and my role is to keep track of receipts for reimbursement. We have 5 locations and leaders and they each send in around 100 receipts during our busy Schoolies Events in November. All i have to do is reconcile their receipts with the GST tax showing.

Do i create and account under the company name and then add them in as different policies?


  • Kadie Alexander
    Kadie Alexander Expensify Success Coach - Admin, Expensify Team Posts: 113 Expensify Team

    Hi there @KristyTutone, thanks for joining our Community.

    Firstly, it sounds like Expensify will be a great tool for you to manage expenses during the busy Schoolies season! If your Leaders are submitting their expenses the same way and are expected to abide by the same expense rules, it's likely you only need one policy for all users.

    For more detailed guidance on your specific setup, I'd recommend reaching out to Concierge. Provide detail on the exact outcomes you're desiring and we'll be happy to guide you on the best way to achieve this! 😊