UK Amex DOWN since July 1st. Please don't charge me until it is fixed.

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Hi -

Any idea why my connection to Amex UK is down? I've read historical complaints about this same issue. Like others this is the primary reason why I have enjoyed using Expensify. Without I will need to go elsewhere, which I am not keen on doing.

And before I am saddled by Tier 1 support, YES I can login to the service through the AMEX website, and NO, I am not mistyping my credentials or password. :)

Thank you in advance for a positive and helpful response.


  • John Schuster
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    Hey there, @CloudLasso! Thanks for reaching out on this! Bank connection issues are pretty tricky, as there are a myriad of potential reasons a connection could break. When a connection breaks, we're served an error code in our logs, which can indicate a very specific error (ex: outdated login credentials), or a fairly broad error (ex: something broke in the connection).

    For quite some time now, we've been working to sunset any legacy connectors we've used in favor of API-based connectors, as these connectors are very reliable. (The current American Express connectors are legacy connectors.)

    We've already introduced an API connection to Chase, Capital One, Wells Fargo, and Bank of America, and an API connection to American Express is right around the corner!

    That said, the upcoming American Express API connection will be specifically for American Express "Small Business" account types, sometimes referred to as "American Express OPEN" accounts. If your account is a Small Business account, I'd recommend hanging tight for just a little while longer to see if the new connector will work for you.

  • CloudLasso
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    Hi JOhn -

    Well, I have been patient and the connector is STILL not avail.

    But what is FAR, FAR worse is that I've been having trouble manually uploading expenses, and after untold hours of working with the 'Concierge' they decided to give up and insist that it is a 'local' or 'user' issue. As someone who has worked in high tech for twenty years I find this highly unacceptable.

    This is but a snippet of the lunacy I am enduring....

    Can you help?

  • Matt Moore
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    Hi @CloudLasso

    I've reviewed our conversations with you and it looks like we're unable to replicate the upload issue you're reporting. We've successfully uploaded your formatted CSV several times. There is nothing for our engineers to investigate.

    Our recommendation is for you to investigate local issues that are preventing you from uploading files to our website.

    Here are some recommendations:

    • Try clearing your browser's cache/cookies.
    • Try clicking here, which will force a clean sign out from the site, which can be very helpful in removing any stale data that can cause these issues.
    • Try using another browser
    • Try using an Incognito or Private browsing window
    • Confirm your internet connection is working
    • Try using another computer.

    As for the CSV itself, I would make sure you're uploading unformatted data (try copying and pasting it back in as "values" only). Try exporting your file as .csv or .xlsx to see if there is a difference in the two.

  • CloudLasso
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    Hi Matt -

    If you read the thread you will notice that as part of the troubleshooting marathon I actually downloaded Chrome, installed it, and tried the upload. Obviously a new and never before installed copy of Chrome would HAVE no cache/cookies.

    Check that my internet connection is working? I was chatting with the Concierge when all of this was going on, so unless I am mistaken the 'internet connection' was surely working.

    I have tried it on three computers.

    As you'll be aware, Expensify does not accept the 'XLSX' format. The file in question is a CSV.

    Furthermore, there is great inconsistency with the support experience. At one point the 'Concierge' was able to speak to backend engineers and look at some kind of log, so assuming the Concierge was accurate, there are more troubleshooting steps that can be taken.

    And finally, I spent the first quarter of my career as an engineer and know all the 'tricks' to troubleshoot client (browser) connections to web services.