Connection to NetSuite using Token Based Authentication Error

John_Carruth Expensify Customer Posts: 1

I updated Expensify Connect yesterday and the sync caused an error to be produced saying there is a login credentials issue. I disconnected the current integration and revoked the token, but when I went to generate a new token I was limited in the users that were able to be associated with the token; previously my admin user (me) was used for the token, but now I am limited to two integration accounts only.

I selected an integration account I use for other integrations, added the Expensify Integration role to that user, used that user account to associate the token with, generated the token, and entered that token in the Expensify portal when I re-setup the connection between Expensify & NetSuite.

I am still getting the same login credentials issue. Please reach out to remedy this issue ASAP.