How Can I Speak With a Supervisor

Gregarious Expensify Customer Posts: 1 Expensify Newcomer

I asked a concierge to escalate an issue to a supervisor but he or she wouldn't. It shouldn't be so darned hard to get a legitimate account verified yet it is. How can I speak with a supervisor?

We are a newly formed corp, registered with the NV Secretary of State (I have a certificate of good standing), with an EIN that was issued by the IRS, and a bank account. We don't have utility bills or insurance document because we have a distributed workforce and are still in the pro-operations phase. I understand Expensify needs to prevent fraud but it seems like the certificate from the state or the documents from our bank would suffice without requiring us to wait four more months until we have utility bills or another month before I have a bank statement. If a bank statement suffices, wouldn't the account opening documents provided by the bank meet that need?

I need to escalate my account verification to someone who understand Expensify's requirements and who can understand what would be considered competent evidence of our address of record. Not to hard but one concierge says I can provide any document from a list of acceptable documents and the next says only one document in that list would work, I suspect any the list would suffice. Also, there are documents more "vetted" than utility bills. So if the IRS and the NV Sec of State believe we exist, but we don't' have utility bills, shouldn't documents from either of those be just as competent for proving our address? Argh. Someone please let me know how I can speak to a supervisor. Thank you.