How-to: Export Invoices to NetSuite

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Export Invoices to NetSuite!

Now you have the ability to export invoices from Expensify to NetSuite, attributing the invoice to the customer it was sent to!

When an invoice has been marked as paid in Expensify, the paid status will transfer to NetSuite and vice-versa making this a simple and low effort solution for tracking your Invoices!

Let's get started!

  1. Navigate to Settings > Policies > Group > [Policy Name] > Connections > Configuration
  2. Scroll down to "Export Expenses to"
  3. You will see a dropdown of your available Accounts Receivable accounts imported from NetSuite
  4. Select the account you would like your Invoices to export to

Pro- Tip: If you don't see any accounts available in the dropdown menu, try syncing your NetSuite connection. {To do this go back to the Connections page and click Sync Now}.

Exporting an Invoice to NetSuite

Invoices will automatically export to NetSuite when they enter the Processing or Paid state. This allows you to maintain a constant matching record of unpaid and paid invoices.

If you have Auto Sync disabled instead, you'll need to manually export your Invoices along with your Expense Reports. Once you're ready to export your Invoice/s to NetSuite you just need to follow these 3 simple steps!

  1. From your Reports page, use the filters to find the Invoices you want to export
  2. Select the Invoices ready for Export
  3. Select Export to>NetSuite on the top righthand side

When exporting to NetSuite the export will match the email address of the invoice recipient to a customer record in NetSuite. This means that each customer listed in NetSuite needs to have a email address listed in their profile.

If we can't find a match on export we'll create a new customer in NS.

Once exported, the invoice will appear against the Accounts Receivable account that you selected in your NetSuite Export configuration.

Updating an Invoice to Paid

Once the Invoice is marked as Paid in Expensify, this status will automatically within NetSuite. Likewise, if the Invoice is marked as Paid in NetSuite, this will automatically update in Expensify.

The payment will reflect against the Collection account you've selected in your Advanced Settings Configuration.

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