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Automated Statement Reporting was lost a while back, and I cannot possible express what a huge loss it really was. I don't want to get into full detail, but you can see much of the discussion here:

I'm now at a different company with a new situation - one credit card statement to reconcile, with cards assigned across multiple domains in Expensify. This relatively simple scenario potentially faced by any company operating multiple brands completely breaks the Reconciliation Dashboard that was Expensify's subpar replacement to Automated Statement Reporting.

Previously, ASR was the absolute best way to reconcile. You filter on reports for that statement, and you can see all unsubmitted reports and it was easy to get those submitted. With expenses separated by statement, you could export the reports once approved, verify your total, and import into your ERP system.

Now, with reconciliation dashboard, you see expenses, not reports. You then have to explain to users to put the expenses onto reports and submit the reports. And then you have reports that cross statement periods - making credit card sweep GL accounts much more of a pain to reconcile. And since reconciliation dashboard is restricted by domain, you potentially can't even reconcile your entire statement in one place. It's an unacceptable replacement for ASR, and honestly, I can't believe Expensify made such a poor decision to use this to replace ASR instead of just having both. Let the users decide which they like.

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    Hi @BrianFiler1

    Thanks for your feedback!

    We recommend utilizing a combination of Scheduled Submit set to a weekly frequency and the Reconciliation Dashboard. The Reconciliation Dashboard allows you to view all imported and submitted expenses in your statement period; quickly highlighting which employees have expenses that still need to be approved.

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    The recommended combination is unacceptable.

    I've been told that Scheduled Submit was submitting tons of reports with violations and causing lots of other issues (the Scheduled Submit issue predates me, and I suspect there were some setup problems). So we have that turned off. Regardless, I'd prefer NOT to use Scheduled Submit as it's far easier to reconcile 1 report per employee per statement period.

    Reconciliation Dashboard is completely unusable for us. We have multiple domains across a single statement, so I can't "quickly highlight which employees have expenses that still need to be approved." I have to jump domains because for some reason, reconciliation dashboard is listed under domain instead of as a general feature. This was a very poor choice by Expensify - I don't know whether our situation didn't occur to you, or what - but this feature should under no circumstance live under domain control. Back when ASR was around, reconciliation was easy - filter reports by statement period, nag people with unsubmitted reports, export once submitted and do a final comparison of the total of all statement period reports to the credit card statement. All done in a single screen within Expensify, no jumping deep into domain settings. And if items were missing - very easy to see by employee from the export which employee was off and to identify against our credit card statement. Reconciliation Dashboard offers none of this ease, and since I don't even have access to some of the domains, it's completely unusable for me, the person reconciling the statements. And to cut off suggestions of giving me access to other domains - I don't need them. I just need access to my domain and reports within our policies, even when submitted from other domains.

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