Expensify Card transactions now reconcile automatically with Xero

Sasha Kluger
Sasha Kluger Expensify Success Coach - Admin Posts: 126 Expensify Team

Great news! If you use Xero with Expensify, we will now automatically reconcile your Expensify Card transactions daily with Xero.

How to enable continuous reconciliation with Xero:

If you are a Policy Admin, and you have already enabled Expensify Cards and connected your Expensify policy to Xero, then you'll see a brand new Inbox Task asking you to select an Expensify Card Reconciliation Account. Please select the bank account in Xero that your Expensify Card payments should be reconciled against.

That's it! The next time that your Expensify policy syncs with Xero, we'll automatically create a Liability Account (Bank Account) on your Xero Dashboard, and a Clearing Account in your General Ledger. Every day, we'll update each of those accounts based on the previous day's activity.

Want to learn more?

For more details on how Continuous Reconciliation works with Xero, check out our Deep Dive: How Expensify Cards Automatically Reconcile in Xero.