Accidentally Created group policy & cannot downgrade

MaxineWu_195 Expensify Customer Posts: 1


I registered for expensify to track my own expenses, so before the free trail ends, I put in my credit card info under the Monthly subscription.

However, I got billed once at end of July for monthly subscription and once at August 1st for group policy. Then I realized my credit card just automatically applies to group policy subscription which I never had any intent to use.

The only reason that I can think of why this happened is maybe because when I tried to change default currency for report from USD to CAD, I followed an article in the community of "how to change your default account currency", and it told me to go change it in the group policy setting. But I could never recall that I ever chose annual subscription..

I tried to cancel the group policy but it wouldn't allow me since apparently when I put in the credit card info for monthly subscription, it already assumed I would go for the annual subscription...and I cannot downgrade from an annual sub :/

So could you please help me to cancel the annual subscription? since I really don't need it & never intended to have one (I even started to pay for the monthly subscription of track.