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David Barrett
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[Original post date: December 12, 2018]

Hey there, I have some news to share that I think you’re going to like (and if not you, then definitely someone you know). In short: Expensify has just launched new plans for individuals at only $5 per month! As crazy as it sounds, this is by far our most commonly requested feature, but it has taken us 10 years to get around to it.

As background, you’ll note that the first question you see when you install Expensify is “Do you want to Track your own receipts, Submit receipts to someone else, Collect receipts from others, or Control expenses for an organization?” And the past 10 years were pretty laser focused on the latter half, for an obvious reason: people who choose “Collect” or “Control” are typically business owners, accountants, or finance teams setting up expense management for their company.

But we’ve known about the Track and Submit cases from literally day one, and we’ve always been waiting for the day to really build a product for them. Well, I’m very happy to say, today is that day, and they work like this:

– The Track plan is the simplest possible way for an individual to keep track of their own receipts, for whatever the reason. The most obvious is a sole proprietor tracking receipts to keep personal and business expenses separate for tax reasons — photographers traveling to gigs, Uber/Lyft drivers, etc. But this also works for tracking charitable donations, receipts for Health Savings Accounts (HSAs), spend on personal projects, household budgeting, etc. $5/mo gets you unlimited SmartScanning, GPS mileage tracking, and secure storage forever, along with upcoming features for tax export to your favorite systems.

– The Submit plan is for people looking to send receipts to someone else for purchases they make, even if the other person doesn’t use Expensify. The most obvious example would be an employee in a company that has no defined process for getting reimbursed (or, some janky Excel-based process that sucks so bad the employee just wants to bypass it). $5/mo gets unlimited SmartScanning and expense capture, along with automatic submission of the receipt to someone else (and next-day reimbursement, if you need it!)

And for completeness, the other two plans (previously called Team and Corporate) work like this:

– The Collect plan is the simplest way to capture receipts from people in your organization — whether to reimburse them for out-of-pocket expenses, or just to document corporate card purchases. With bidirectional synchronization to QuickBooks Online or Xero, this is for anyone who just wants to capture receipts to pay back employees and survive that inevitable audit. It’s only $5 per active user per month.

– The Control plan is for serious organizations that want the real deal: full expense management, multi-level approvals, HR integrations, SAML single sign-on, Oracle/SAP, NetSuite, Intacct, consolidated travel reporting, the works. All for $9 per active user per month — less than you spend on lunch.

Whether you are a large multinational rolling up entities from around the globe or just driving on the weekends for beer money, each of these plans comes with a self-configuring “inbox” that creates a bespoke experience right-sized for you: every feature you need at your fingertips, and none that you don’t.

In short, whether you’re working in a team or by yourself, if you’re putting a receipt in your pocket for any reason — business or personal — Expensify is now absolutely for you. And given that literally everybody who spends money does this, Expensify is now for pretty much anybody on the planet who spends money.

If this sounds interesting to you — or if you know someone who spends money — check out the app and give it a shot!


Founder and CEO of Expensify

PS: We’re almost done with a total rewrite of SmartScan, a huge expansion of our Concierge team, and a complete replacement of all our hardware — thanks for your patience as we work out all the kinks. Think of it like trying to upgrade from a midsized prop plane to a supersonic jumbo jet, while replacing all the coach seats with First Class, all without disrupting the passengers. Totally worth it in the end, but it’s a delicate highwire act at 30,000 feet!