Amex Company Card vs Amex Corporate Card

ShaunaD Approved! Accountant Posts: 5

I would like to begin setting up auto feed for all cardholders that have transactions on our Amex "Company Card". These transactions need to be substantiated with a receipt, relevant transactions need to include business purpose and other criteria for IRS compliancy, and then be routed to the appropriate manager/approver before being coded to the ledger. All of the Amex Company Card transactions are non-reimbursable, they just need to be recorded with the ability to reconcile to the statement at the end of a billing cycle.

In addition, there will be out-of-pocket expenses by employees that need to go through the same process and those expenses are reimbursable.

Amex said Expensify cannot link the Amex Company Card to feed to Expensify. That feature can only be done with the Amex "Corporate" Card. This business is not eligible for a corporate card at this time.

Is there any configuration/setup steps Expensify offers to solve for both of these scenarios?