Huge update for submitters, admins, and HR teams

David Barrett
David Barrett Expensify Team Posts: 38 Expensify Team

[Original post date: December 13, 2016]

Hey there, I just wanted to share a couple major developments on the Expensify side:

  • Named Preferred Partner by the AICPA and
  • Launched Concierge Inbox on mobile
  • Launched a new Zenefits integration
  • Launched a new Greenhouse integration

The AICPA is without question the most respected and influential accounting authority in the world, and we’re very proud to announce that their business arm ( has designated Expensify as the preferred partner for receipt and expense management. It’s unbelievably flattering to be recognized by them as their preferred expense management solution for firms. Thank you, and thank you AICPA!

One contributing factor to the partnership was our most significant mobile update in years, now including the Concierge Inbox! With this, our Concierge AI leverages every bit of knowledge we have to anticipate your needs and surface exactly what you need to do right now, all in one place. No more digging around to figure out what expenses need fixing, reports need processing, etc. Even better, it helps walk you through the process of configuring Expensify to meet your specific needs — without ever needing to go to the website. This is a massive improvement to your daily workflow. Install the app if you haven’t already and give it a shot!

Finally, we’ve launched two new features aiming to improve the lives of HR managers. The first is an integration with Greenhouse, which automatically invites candidates to an Expensify policy such that they can capture receipts for reimbursement when coming in to interview. And for those who make the cut, our new Zenefits integration automatically provisions and configures their account their first day on the job. So keep on hiring, and we’ll take care of the busywork!

And as always, countless tiny improvements are happening every single day. Check it out, and please let me know what you think!