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Deep Dive: Processing fees when using Expensify invoicing

Christina Dobryzynski
Christina Dobryzynski Expensify Success Coach - Admin, Expensify Team Posts: 253 Expensify Team
edited August 2021 in Deep Dive Docs

It's important that receiving payment for an Expensify invoice is as quick and easy as creating and sending an invoice.

Expensify provides a number of methods for your customer to pay their invoices including:

  • Credit card/debit card (a payment option for US and international payers)
  • US bank accounts (US payers Only)
  • Check

The invoice sender will be responsible for the transaction processing fees.

Breakdown of transaction fees:

  • ACH Processing Fee - $0.40 + 15% of the invoice (capped at $2.50 per invoice)
  • Credit Card payment - Merchant Fees: Level 3 processing rates available +$0.30 per paid invoice
  • Weekly payout fee - $0.25 per week

These fees will be deducted from the business bank account connected to the Expensify account of the invoice sender/payee.

Adding a Default Mark Up to your invoices

If you want to add a percentage based mark up to cover out-of-pocket fees, we recommend adjusting the Default Mark Up percentage on the invoice settings page in the web app:

  • Group Policy: Settings > Policies > Group > [Select Policy] > Invoicing
  • Individual policy: Settings > Policies > Individual > [Select Policy] > Invoicing

The default mark up fee will be applied to every submitted invoice. You always have the option to override this default mark up on a specific invoice.