Approval Routing

nhoffman94_tob Expensify Customer Posts: 39 Expensify Newcomer

If possible, I would like to approve all employee expenses and my manager would like to only approve reimbursable expenses, my expenses, and expenses over $500. Is it possible to set up an approval routing this way?

If this is not possible, what would you recommend?


  • Karisa Latta
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    edited August 2020

    Hey again @nhoffman94_tob !

    To ensure your manager approves your reports, set them as your Submits To assignment in the Settings - Policies - Group - [Policy Name] - People table.

    Our normal approval settings can handle the monetary limit needs (check out this guide), but the segregation of reimbursable versus non-reimbursable get a little trickier. You can either create separate policies or reach out to Concierge and ask for help setting up a "DEW" process! We also have Category and/or Tag specific approval routing.

    I hope this helps! Please let me know if you have more questions.