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Deep Dive: Personal Credit Card Import options

Sasha Kluger
Sasha Kluger Expensify Success Coach - Admin Posts: 126 Expensify Team
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It's easy to import and manage your personal credit and debit cards right in Expensify. Depending on your bank and your card program, there are several ways to import your company card expenses into Expensify. Continue reading below to find out which option is right for you.

Direct Credit Card Import

Expensify has direct connections with many banks and card programs. If a direct connection with your bank exists, you'll be able to sync your cards by logging directly into your bank account from Expensify.

To learn how to find out if your bank has a direct connection, check out our guide here!

Credit Card CSV Import

If there's no direct connection with your bank (click the link above to find out whether your bank has a direct connection), then our Credit Card CSV Import is the best method for importing your card transactions into Expensify.

Learn how to import your credit card transactions via CSV here!

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