Deep Dive: CSV details for sending multiple invoices at once

Christina Dobryzynski
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To email multiple invoices to your customers/clients through Expensify, you'll first need to upload the invoice details into Expensify via a CSV template.

The formatting of the CSV is a critical component of the process so let's dive into the details.

Details that must be included on the CSV

At a minimum, you must include the following details on the CSV:

  • Send To
  • Share
  • Report Name
  • Merchant
  • Amount
  • Description
  • Date of expense
  • Due Date

Here's more detail about these columns

Send To

  • The recipient of the invoice
  • If you add an email address, we’ll immediately send the invoice you upload the CSV
  • If you leave it blank, we’ll create an invoice in an OPEN state, the invoice will not send. This will allow you to add additional information to the invoice and manually Send the invoice to an email address.


  • Additional recipients who should also receive the invoice.
  • If you have multiple emails, you can separate them with a space between each email address like the following;

Report Name

  • The name of the invoice


  • This field is the merchant on an expense


  • Amount of the expense
  • Needs to be in a number format (not currency formats and no currency symbols)


  • Description of the expense


  • Date of expense, formatted YYYY-MM-DD

Due Date

  • The date the invoice is due, formatted YYYY-MM-DD

Once you've added details into the CSV, follow the steps in this support article to upload the CSV into Expensify!