We had an employee leave the company that was the billing owner

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The billing owner left the company and I took over as the new billing owner. The auto-generated Expensify expense report was sent to her but I don't know how to take control of the report. I need to delete the report because the expense was already reimbursed. How would I go about doing that?


  • Nicole Mendonca
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    Hi @JShade_RPM! Thanks for getting in touch.

    Is the report in an Open state? If so, only the report's creator (the old billing owner) can delete the report.

    If the expenses on the Report have already been reimbursed, you can uncheck the reimbursable checkbox and submit on their behalf so that they are not reimbursed.

    Otherwise, you'll need to ask your IT team to gain access to this employee's account so that you can go in and delete the report.

    Let me know if you have any further questions on that!