Export total 2017 expenses to CSV

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I must be missing something: I can create a summary on screen of my overall 2017 expenses by category and by tag, but I cannot figure out how to export that via CSV.

I also tried creating a report of all my 2017 expenses -- of which there are thousands -- hoping that once I completed the report I would see a CSV export option; but the only way I can find to gather expesnes into the report is one by one... which would take forever.



  • EmilyCEOCoachEmilyCEOCoach Posts: 3Expensify Customer Expensify Newcomer

    I should add that I did find the Custom CSV template setup under my Account, and I made one, but having done that, I still cannot find a button or option on screen anywhere in the new UI Reports or Expenses screen to do the actual Export

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    Hi @EmilyCEOCoach, happy to help.

    From the Expenses page you can set your Advanced Search parameters and then view your expenses in the graph view option. When you'd like to export, you can either select the category, tag, or card you want to export in the 'View raw data' column, or switch your view back to a comfortable or compact option. Use the 'Select all' checkbox and then the Export To dropdown to select your custom template.

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    Thank you for the clear and timely instruction. I had not highlighted the entries, so I guess that's why the EXPORT button didn't show up in the upper right. This is what I needed. Just a thought: if the Export button was at the top, just grayed out until some expenses were selected, might have given me the clue to try that and find it on my own. But thanks for the help!

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