Why does the Scheduled Submit not stay disabled at the Group Policy level?

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As the Admin for our policy, I have disabled the Scheduled Submit several times. It keeps getting turned back on somehow. Then the Scheduled Submit appears to be getting turned back on for the employees Individual policies as well. I was told by Concierge to turn off the Scheduled Submit at the group level and help employees set their individual policies as disabled as well. But if either of these get turned on somehow and we have no way of knowing how - then this is a complete waste of time as far as training. Not to mention, it frustrates the users. They won't want to continue to use Expensify unless we figure this out. Please help??

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  • Rachael Hopkins
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    Hi @ctruchot Welcome to the Expensify Community!

    Let me just clarify a little around the Scheduled Submit options:

    1. Scheduled Submit with a time frame creates reports and submits them
    2. Scheduled Submit set to Manually, creates reports but does not submit them
    3. Scheduled Submit disabled does not create reports or submit them

    With option 2 set at the Group Policy level, your organisation is saying, "we want users' expenses to go on reports asap, but it's up to them when they submit them."

    With option 3 set at the Group Policy level, your organisation is saying "we don't want to automate this for our users, it's up to them to both create reports and submit their expenses."

    If you have gone for option 3, the user themselves can choose how they submit their expenses, so they can use their own Scheduled Submit automation if they so choose.

    If you have gone for option 2, but they have their personal Scheduled Submit set to a timeframe, the timeframe will also come into play.

    There is a possibility that users may turn this on by themselves accidentally, if they interact with this Inbox Task:

    Feel free to come back to me if you have any further queries about this. 😀

  • ctruchot
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    It sounds like it is accidentally getting turned back on through the Inbox Task because they are choosing "submit manually"? But that doesn't address the Group Policy getting changed? How would the Group Policy get changed without an Admin going in and changing it?

  • ctruchot
    ctruchot Expensify Customer Posts: 3

    We had it disabled on both policies - it was somehow turned back on for both policies.

  • Karisa Latta
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    @ctruchot thanks for sticking with us on this.

    There is a possibility you saved the change to the setting and either left the page before allowing the confirmation to show up or that your browser cache had a hiccup and kept resetting it.

    I jumped into your group policies today and can confirm the setting is indeed disabled as of now. I don't think you'll have any further issues moving forward. When you make setting changes that don't seem to stick, try refreshing your page after waiting for the green success message to show up in the bottom right corner after taking your action.

    That green success message indicates the change was accepted by our servers. I hope this helps! Please let me know if you have more questions.