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Spending Limit Notifications - Feature Request

FinanceManagerACSCCFinanceManagerACSCC Expensify Customer Posts: 2

I'd like to put in a feature request where notifications are sent to employees alerting to account balances and remaining card limits. It would be great to have more visibility into the limit since not all employees login and check regularly. This would avoid denied charges due to a lack of awareness while establishing a useful tool for employees, and even manager. Just my two cents!



  • Greg SchroederGreg Schroeder Expensify Team Posts: 49 Expensify Team

    Hey @FinanceManagerACSCC - thanks for contributing! One thing to note is that Expensify Card limits should be available at a quick glance on the mobile app via Settings > Connected Cards. Most folks are likely just logged into the mobile app passively, right? I'd say that's the quickest way to see the limit at a glance.

    As for a notification system, are you envisioning some sort of like text message based system? Perhaps something where if the limit approaches a certain barrier, a message is triggered to the cardholder?

  • FinanceManagerACSCCFinanceManagerACSCC Expensify Customer Posts: 2

    Yes, text based or email based would be great! There isn't enough transparency about the limit with the current setup for my employees, hence the request. Hopefully this would be easy to implement because I think it would appreciated by many users. Our users don't use the mobile app that much since it's nice to keep a distinction between work/computer and personal/mobile, at least in our case.

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