Drag-and-drop scanned receipts from PC into SmartScan

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Hi there.

I have scanned a megatonne of receipts from the last ten months via a flatbed scanner and arranged them all into month folders on my PC. I was hoping I could drag and drop these PDF's into the Expensify website and utilise the SmartScan feature, but it doesn't seem to like this (example receipt attached).

Is there anything that you can suggest I do that would prevent me from having to re-scan everything via the camera on my iPhone, because that would be a heartbreaking and somewhat herculian effort (there's just shy of a thousand receipts already scanned, see).

Grateful and hopeful



  • Sonia Liapounova
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    edited March 2020

    @andrewhannon We support direct upload from your computer, either by dragging and dropping onto the Expenses or Receipts page, or by clicking [Import From] > "Computer" on the Receipts page.

    There is a file size limit for what the system can upload at one time, if the sum of file sizes being uploaded is larger than the limit, then the page can time out. If this happens, just try uploading a smaller number of receipts. I have found that on average I can successfully drag and drop about 10 receipts at one time, wait a minute while the files are added to the Receipts page and then drag and drop the next batch of files.

    I hope this helps!