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Hello, can you please help me answer the following questions about Expensify/Netsuite integration? i did post this question to concierge but am looking for alternatives from the tech support as well as other users who might be facing similar issues.

  1. When using the Journal entry method for exporting reports, what happens if the user who submitted the report is not setup, is inactive or setup with a different name in NetSuite? Under configure, i see there is an option to bypass this for vendor bills and expense reports (by creating new employee/vendor records in Netsuite) but not sure if it will work for Journal entries as well.
  2. How can we export reports that are in "open" or "processing" status at the end of the month? We have a tight deadline for close and if the reports are not approved, we have to accrue them. Based on my testing, we are unable to export such reports to NetSuite. What is the most efficient way to get this accomplished?


  • Karisa Latta
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    Hey @Rjain1 !

    I'm so sorry for the delay here. We had a hiccup in our messaging system that caused a handful of threads to get lost in the abyss. We've corrected the issue now so you'll never get lost again.

    1. If the user who submitted the expense report is not setup within NetSuite, you can either manually create them in your employee or vendor lists or you can enable Automatically Create Vendors in Expensify - Settings - Policies - Group - [Policy Name] - Connections - NetSuite - Configure - Advanced. We'll make a new employee/vendor when one doesn't already exist for any export style, including JE. If the submitter is inactive in NetSuite, you'll need to manually reactivate them. If they have a different name but the same email address, we'll use the profile with the matching email address. We don't look at names in our integration, only email addresses.
    2. You can only export reports in Approved, Reimbursed, or Closed status. If the employee has not submitted the report yet and a deadline is approaching, a Policy Admin can open the report and click Submit on their behalf to move the report forward. Similarly, if an approver hasn't approved the report and a deadline is approaching, a Policy Admin can open the report and click Take Control - Approve to move the report forward.

    I hope this helps! Please let me know if you have more questions.