Expensify Card availability for users outside of US

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Is the expensify card still only available for US users and only for USD$ transactions and drafted from US bank? We're a little behind on recent changes, but just dealing with the "unbundling fee" charged to our accounts . It's a little hard to swallow when the majority of our users are located outside of the US and as of a few months ago this "option" was not available to us. Note we currently have 4 separate countries operating in expensify ( US, Canada, IE and UK).

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  • Matt Moore
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    Hi @darla, and thanks for posting to the Community!

    I'd like to clarify that the Expensify Card can be used by anyone inside or outside of the US. It's a VISA card, so it supports all currencies.

    However, currently, you can only set up Expensify Cards with a US bank account and documentation.

    We are working on supporting Expensify Card applications outside of the US. The unbundling fee doesn't go into full effect for a full year. Our hope is to have the card in place before then.

    If you'd like to send a message into Concierge@expensify.com we can take a closer look at your bill to make sure you're getting the best deal (please don't share anything here!)