How To: Pay/Get Paid for invoices and bills using and Expensify

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Why this is awesome!

Get paid for invoices quickly and securely via!


An Expensify account & your unique link

Get paid for an invoice via PayPal (requestor)

First, you'll have to add your link to your Expensify account:

  • Log into your Expensify account by going to This is currently not available on the mobile app
  • Navigate to: Setting - Account - Payments
  • Scroll down to Alternative Payment Accounts
  • Add your unique link and select Update

Now you're ready to create and send an invoice! Woohoo!

Create and Send an invoice

  • Navigate to your Reports page in Expensify and select New Report
  • Select Invoice from the dropdown menu
  • Edit the title as required and add expenses to the invoice
  • You can even add your logo, address, discount and preferred payment method!
  • When you're ready to send, click the green Send button, add the email address of the payer and the due date!
  • Click Send!
  • The payer has received an email from Expensify asking them to review & pay!
  • Check out this deep-dive for invoicing best practices

Pay for an invoice using (payer)

  • You should have received an email from Expensify that looks like this: Please pay Expensify invoice "XXX Invoice #675XXX"
  • Click the link: Click here to review and pay it to be directed to your Expensify account
  • When you're ready to pay the invoice, click the green Pay button on the top left
  • Select Via and you will be redirected to your PayPal account to complete the payment!

**Please note, the invoice will be marked as PAID as soon as you click the green button. Do not select Pay until you're ready to follow through with the payment!**

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