New Expensify Error: Expenses will not sync AT ALL if books are closed on the date of the expense.

CherylRM Expensify Customer Posts: 6

Generally/ in my experience, if the books are closed for the date of the expense, the Expensify expense will sync with a date of the next open date of your books. Now, Expensify is basically saying it cannot sync the expense AT ALL because the date of the expense is in a closed period. I cannot open the books to sync because I already presented the financials for the month. And I cannot change the date of the expense in Expensify (likely because its already reimbursed). May someone please help?


  • Zany Renney
    Zany Renney Approved! Accountant Posts: 171 Expensify Team

    Hey @CherylRM

    I'm not able to be super clear on your exact question and think it would be helpful to have the Report ID of a Report you are facing this blocker on. Can you write in to with this information so that we can better understand your issue with expense dates, reporting periods and the sync to your accounting software as it sounds like it is causing you a headache!