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QuickBooks Account Categories

bvlichbvlich Expensify Customer Posts: 1

One major issue I have noticed is that when you sync with QuickBooks, any new account categories you create are automatically turned "ON" for use in the Expensify policy. Let's say you create an account called "Employee John Smith Loan" - everyone would see this account by default unless you remember to manually turn it OFF after syncing. It would be much better if new accounts were turn OFF by default or if there was some sort of option to have them OFF by default. I don't always know when someone adds a new account, yet syncing needs to have frequently every time a new vendor is added.

One other item:

If there are 2 people for example that are a company (2 email addresses), we cannot presently sync the Expensify as a bill under one account without changing the email in QB. It would be ideal if you could have more than one email sync to a single vendor in QB by using the cc Email field or maybe a separator (, or;) in the email field. This would make it much easier when a vendor has more them one user of an Expensify policy.

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