Discovered Limitations

Convex Expensify Customer Posts: 3

Hi Community, I have been working with a 3rd party to integrate Expensify with a 3rd party app, but have run in to some severe limitations from the start. After exploring the API, these are the limitations I've found.

  • For expenses in line reports, some amounts are incorrect or 0, even when the Header Report Total is correct. We have checked and confirmed that there is a difference between the values for amounts retrieved from the API, compared to the correct values in the UI.
  • A series of report IDs or a start date is required as part of the API call. The start date is either the date when the expense was created or submitted, depending on which date is more recent. Therefore, this date does not correspond to when the reports were approved, and this in turn makes retrieving reports after the date that they’re approved not feasible.
  • We can only retrieve approved reports in GBP, with no way to filter through currency types. Even when there are other currencies for reports, we cannot access these whilst the report type has been filtered as approved. There is also no option in the API call to filter for currency type.

I've reached out to Expensify, and they just say to ask the community. So, I come to you all hat in hand to ask for help. Are the above limitations already known to the community?

Thanks for your help