Issues with Expensify syncing to NetSuite

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Hi all,

Was wondering if someone could help me with some issues my team has been facing with syncing data between Expensify and NetSuite. Given the amount of people who have got to be using both NetSuite and Expensify, I was wondering if anyone had run into any of these issues before and could let me know how you solved any of these problems? We've got 3 main challenges:

  1. When one of our employees creates an Expensify account, there is no field for them to enter in an address - NetSuite then automatically syncs with Expensify and creates a new vendor, but without an address field. This occasionally causes issues when payments are issued to vendors without addresses - these payments are then kicked back and create more work on our end.
  2. When an employee creates their Expensify account (and this gets synced with NetSuite), a new vendor is created in NetSuite using the employee's email address as the name field - is it possible for the vendor to be created using the first and last name fields (and for an external vendor ID to be generated)?
  3. Sometimes, employees who are already in our NetSuite system as vendors create an Expensify account, which, once synced, creates a duplicate vendor record in our system. Given that the email address in their initial vendor profile and in their new Expensify account are the same, is a way to avoid this duplicate vendor record creation?

Thanks everyone, appreciate the help from the community!


  • Greg Schroeder
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    Hi @DougJohnson, happy to help here.

    1. Expensify doesn't currently have the concept of an address field, so there wouldn't be a way to generate this upon export. The vendor record address would have to be added on NetSuite's end.
    2. The NetSuite integration requires that the name field has a matching email address with the submitter's Expensify account in order to work properly. You won't be able to adjust this at this time.
    3. Hmm - I would expect that an existing vendor record with the same email would trigger an error upon export when the new vendor creation is attempted. Typically we prevent new vendor creation for this reason exactly (to avoid duplicates). 🤔 Perhaps you could write into and we can look into that more deeply.