I don't want to connect my bank account.. what options do I have?

Ehoward Expensify Customer Posts: 1

I'd prefer to just get reimbursed to my PayPal or Venmo. I am not providing my login credentials to my bank account. Please help.


  • Matt Cole
    Matt Cole Expensify Customer, Expensify Team Posts: 69 Expensify Team
    edited January 2021

    Hey there!

    We do not offer expense report reimbursement using PayPal or Venmo. We offer receiving invoice payments via Venmo, but I don't believe that's what you're looking for.

    In regards to adding your bank to accept reimbursements, there is no need to enter your banking credentials if you don't wish to do so! You can do this manually. When you go to log in, click the X in the corner of the small screen that appears, which will bring you back to the previous screen. You will then be able to connect manually.

    Hope that helps!