How to re-bill one-off/uncategorized ad-hoc expenses?

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Is there is a quick solution / best practice for re-billing one-off / 'uncategorized' expenses (e.g. IT purchasing, *credit card transactions in particular*, furniture, etc.) to create invoices?

We have a high volume of these types of transactions so I am curious of what the quickest method to go about this might be.

Is there a solution in place for routing re-billed transactions to the correct user/role for approval?


  • Maddy Lewis
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    Hi @Jrcook - Thanks so much for writing into the Community! There are quite a few topics I'd like to cover with you here, and the easiest way to do this will be to have easy access to your account as I ask you a few questions back and forth.

    That said, can you reach out to our support team at You can also start a message with Concierge right from inside of your account.

    We'll get you all squared away!