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How-to: Receive and Process Vendor Bills in Expensify

Christina DobryzynskiChristina Dobryzynski Expensify Success Coach - Admin, Expensify Team Posts: 201 Expensify Team
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Receive, share, approve, and pay your company bills within Expensify!

Strengthen your back office by simplifying your preaccounting process.


  • Make it easy to keep track of what’s paid, what’s due, and what’s late — all in one place!
  • Any vendor/supplier with or without an Expensify account can send you a bill.


  • Group Policy users on a USD Policy: Perfect for businesses and companies who want to pay company bills through Expensify.
  • Your domain Primary Contact will receive these bills in their default group policy.
    • Curious who the Primary Domain Contact is? It's the email address listed at Settings > Domains > [Domain Name] > Domain Admins > Primary Contact.
  • Curious which group policy is the default? It's the one at Settings > Policies > Group with a green checkmark.
  • All Policy Admins, of the same default policy, will have access to the bill.


  • A private domain email in Expensify (i.e. not gmail, hotmail, etc)
  • A Group Policy


1) Ask your vendors/suppliers to email all your company bills to [yourdomain.com]@expensify.cash.

**Please note that only your vendors/suppliers can send their bills to this address. We currently do not support bills forwarded to this address by company employees who receive them from the vendor/supplied. Instead, please go back to your vendor/supplier and ask them to resend to the bill address.**

2) The supplier bill will be SmartScanned as soon as it is emailed.

3) The bill will be available on the Reports Page of the primary contact's default policy (that's the group policy with the green checkmark).

4) The bill will follow the approval workflow set on the default policy for the primary domain contact. Each time it's approved, it will be visible in the next approver's Inbox.

5) The final approver will have the option to Pay the bill directly from the Expensify web app!

6) The bill can be coded with the imported GL codes from your connected accounting software and exported to your account software!

7) Along with the vendor bill, we'll create an associated vendor invoice. You can click the link at the top of the Bill to be routed to the associated invoice.

You can click the Go To Bill Button at the top of the invoice to be routed to the Bill.

You can only pay the Bill.

The primary domain contact can share the vendor invoice with others by clicking Details on the report or add a copilot to view the invoice.

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