What are the "UnBundled" Fees.



  • Matt Moore
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    edited March 2021

    Hi @wikesha1

    An unbundling fee is 100% of the list price for Annual Subscriptions ($5 for Collect policies, $9 for Control policies) and Pay Per Use Subscriptions ($10 for Collect policies, $18 for Control policies).

    Two caveats on this:

    1. We've started phasing in the unbundling fee over the next 12 months for existing customers at a rate of 1/12ths. The full fee comes into effect in June 2021.
    2. If you adopt the Expensify Card and this accounts for 50% of approved spend, the fee is waived. If it comes in lower, we apply a sliding scale which means the fee is applied partially.

    Hope that makes sense!